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Alyse’s Book Recommendations

Ferdinand” is a beautiful classic story of a peaceful bull who doesn’t like to fight. It is a great book to use with Episode | 050 Character Friends.

First 100 Words” books are great to use with babies as well as with emerging and beginning readers. They have colorful photographs of common objects with clear labels. Check out Episode | 049 Quick Tip on “First 100 Words” books to learn more.

Pigeon has a great sense of humor with a little bit of sass. Your child can relate to the book, “The Pigeon Needs a Bath” and will absolutely love it! It is a great book to use with Episode | 048 Capital Letter Detective.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” is a perfect bedtime story for truck lovers! It is a great book to use with Episode | 047 Whisper Reading.

The OK Book” celebrates the idea of being “ok” at different things. Children are under a lot of pressure to be good, great, or excellent at everything. This book reinforces the idea that it’s perfectly normal and okay to be “ok” at something. It is a great book to use with Episode | 046 Last Page.

Drawn Together” is a beautiful book about a grandson and grandfather who don’t speak the same language, but learn to communicate through art. In very few words, this book shares the message that people can find a way to come together and speak one language no matter their differences. It is a great book to use with Episode | 045 Quick Tip on Books as Windows.

The Snail and the Whale” is a great book about friendship and the power that one little voice can have. Perfect for kids of all ages. It is also a great book to use with Episode | 044 Quick Tip on Fonts.

In the Tall, Tall Grass” is a perfect book for nature lovers! It has interesting sounds and beautiful scenes of animals and critters doing their thing. It is a great book to use with Episode | 043 Original Illustration.

The Gruffalo” is a fun tale about a clever mouse trying to scare off the larger animals in the forest. This rhyming story is always a favorite amongst emerging and beginning readers. It is a great book to use with Episode | 041 Name Puzzle.

Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook” is full of delicious kid-friendly cupcake recipes. Use this cookbook with Episode | 039 Quick Tip on Cookbooks to change up your regular read aloud time.

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You” is a collection of funny and sweet short stories that are set up to be read with a partner. You and your child will get lots of laughs out of reading two of my favorite short stories, “I Hate My Hat” and “I Like.” It is a perfect book to use with Episode | 038 Partner Reading.

I Wish You More” is a heartfelt story full of wishes for loved ones. Reading this book with your child will certainly create special memories. It is also a perfect book to use with Episode | 037 Period.

Corduroy” is the classic favorite story of a sweet bear looking for a loving home. It is a perfect book to use with Episode | 036 Does the Sentence Make Sense?

I Broke My Trunk” is a humorous story with a surprise ending of how Gerald broke his trunk. This book is sure to make both children and adults laugh. It is a perfect book to use with Episode | 035 Speech Bubble Detective.

Llama Llama Loves to Read” is a fun book for emerging and beginning readers because Llama Llama is learning to read, just like they are! This is a perfect book to use with Episode | 034 Quick Tip on Books as Mirrors.

Do Cows Meow” is an interactive rhyming peek-a-boo book loved by kids of all ages. The rhymes are predictable and the flaps are large enough for toddlers to manipulate independently. This book is a great one to use with Episode | 033 Guess the Rhyme.

We Are In a Book” takes readers on a funny Elephant and Piggie adventure where they discover that they are in a book. You and your child will certainly get a chuckle out of this interactive book. This Geisel Award winning book is a great one to use with Episode | 032 Sticky Note Awards.

Children will love telling the story of this sweet chick and pup in Eugene Yelchin’s wordless book, Pip & Pup. This book is a great one to use with Episode | 31, Quick Tip on Wordless Books.

Cat lovers and non cat lovers alike will love Bad Kitty and Bad Kitty’s alphabet journey! Bad Kitty is a great book to use with Episode | 030, Letter Fun.

Nursery Rhymes Collection” is an extensive collection of classic nursery rhymes. The illustrations help the rhymes come to life. There are so many rhymes, you’re bound to learn a few new ones! This book is a great one to use with Episode | 029, Quick Tip on Nursery Rhymes.

Goodnight Moon” is a classic bedtime story that helps readers unwind and relax before going to bed. It has predictable language and great pictures that support the words. Perfect for emerging and beginning readers. This book is a great one to use with the Beginning Letter Sound Strategy in Episode | 028.

Tap Tap Boom Boom” uses the rhythm of a storm to take readers on a city adventure. Readers watch to see how strangers unite and turn a rainy day into a day of fun. Best part is the rainy day surprise at the end of the book! This book is a great one to use with Story Sounds in Episode | 027.

Let’s Go For a Drive” takes readers through the fun adventure of getting ready for a road trip. Only problem is Elephant and Piggie don’t have a car! See how they solve that problem in this funny story. This book is a great one to use with Interesting Object in Episode | 026.

Where the Wild Things Are” is and imaginative story for children and adults alike. “Where the Wild Things Are” follows Max on his adventure with the Wild Things. This book is a great one to use with Character Switch in Episode | 025.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a classic favorite that never gets old. Watching the egg grow into a caterpillar, then make the transformation into a butterfly is a wondrous thing. Add even more excitement to the story by making the butterfly’s wings flap. This book is a great one to use with Movement Surprise in Episode | 024.

Madlenka’s Dog” is a beautifully illustrated story that takes the reader on an journey with Madlenka through New York City with her imaginary dog. Your child will love lifting the flaps to see the characters’ childhood dogs. This book is a great one to use with I Spy Art Strategy in Episode | 023.

Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop” is currently my son’s favorite book! He loves seeing Llama Llama show off his moves, like thumping his feet and tapping his toes. This book has lots of action words that allows children to respond in a physical way and works well with Action Words! Strategy in Episode | 022.

Hello, World! Solar System” is a beautifully illustrated and interactive nonfiction book about the Solar System. Help your child learn to love nonfiction books by incorporating them into your read aloud time. This book works great with Sticky Note Facts Strategy in Episode | 021.

Happy Pig Day!” is a fun story celebrating Piggie’s favorite day, Happy Pig Day! All of the pigs are celebrating, but Gerald feels left out. A surprise ending gives all characters a reason to celebrate. Kids will love joining in on reading Happy Pig Day! and will love saying “Oinky Oink Oink” along with the characters. This book works great with Feeling’s Faces Strategy in Episode | 020.

The Rainbow Fish” is a sweet story that addresses the issues of sharing and being kind to others. “The Rainbow Fish” has beautiful illustrations of the ocean setting and is a perfect book to use with Setting Sketch Strategy in Episode | 019.

Let’s Get Dressed” is a fun story about a child getting dressed for the day. The rhyming words and flaps make it engaging for young readers. The pictures in “Let’s Get Dressed” correspond to the words and make it a great book to use with Picture Cue Strategy in Episode | 018.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” is a fun bedtime read for dinosaur lovers! It is fun for children to think about how dinosaurs deal with parents and going to sleep. It’s a great book to use with the Shaving Cream Letters Strategy in Episode | 017.

Llama Llama Red Pajama” is one of my favorites. It has lovable characters and rhymes that flow. It’s a great book to use with the Character Detective Strategy in Episode | 016

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!” is a singing read aloud and sure to be a blast for you and your child.

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