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Whisper Reading | Episode 047

In Reading Boots Episode 047, you will learn a during reading strategy called, Whisper Reading. Your child will learn the “sh” sound in this fun and interactive strategy. What you’ll do is tell your child that you will whisper read the story because whispering is calming and will help you focus on the story. You will tell your child that you will need their help because you might forget to whisper and will need your child to hold up a sign with the letter SH. Explain that the letters SH make the “sh” sound when they are together.  

The Whisper Reading strategy will make any read aloud interesting because of the novelty of whispering. Your child will love being in charge of reminding you to quiet down with the “sh” sign, and will learn the “sh” sound in the meantime.

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Book: “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

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