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Sticky Note Facts | Episode 021

In Reading Boots Episode 021, you will learn a strategy called Sticky Note Facts. Sticky Note Facts is an after reading strategy where you and your child will read a nonfiction book, then record an interesting fact you learned in the book on a sticky note. After you’ve recorded the interesting fact, you and your child will place your sticky notes in the back of the book. The sticky note will remind you of the interesting fact you learned each time you read the book. You can add notes with new facts each time you read the book.

Sticky Note Facts is a fun way to discuss nonfiction and to become an expert on a particular topic. It’s important to incorporate nonfiction into your read aloud time. Nonfiction teaches your child vocabulary words that you don’t normally use, helps deepen a child’s interest in a particular topic, and exposes your child to different text structures.    

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