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Guess the Magic Word | Episode 062

In Reading Boots Episode 062, you will learn a fun After Reading Strategy called, Guess the Magic Word. After reading and discussing a book, you will select a “magic word” from a given page to write down on a note card. Fold or hide the note card to keep the word a secret. Show your child the page that contains the “magic word,” then give three clues about the word to help your child guess correctly. Start out with a general clue, then make them more specific. Keep in your child’s reading ability in mind when creating clues. Keep clues simple for beginning readers. After giving the clues, your child will guess the “magic word.” Show your child the note card to prove that your child was able to guess the magic word.

Participation in Guess the Magic Word allows your child use higher order thinking skills to analyze clues and use knowledge of words to select the correct “magic word.” Your child will feel like a mindreader! Happy reading. Get your Reading Boots on and enjoy the journey!

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