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The Basics on Selecting, Introducing, & Organizing Sight Words | Episode 007


In Reading Boots Episode 007, you will learn how to select, introduce, and organize sight words. Sight words are words that children need to know immediately and by sight in order to become proficient readers. When sight words are selected, introduced, and organized in a systematic way, children learn sight words best. I have provided a link to the Dolch Sight Word lists below.  

In Episode 007, you will learn how to create a personal word wall for your child. A link to a personal word wall template is attached. As your child learns new sight words, you will add them to the personal word wall. Your child will feel proud and excited to add new words to the wall!

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Book “No David” https://goo.gl/mdxgvN

Dolch Sight Word Lists: https://goo.gl/pHytoc

Personal Word Wall Template: RB Personal Word Wall

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