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The Basics on Sight Words | Episode 005

Thank you for watching Reading Boots Episode 005, where I get down to the basic concepts of beginning reading. You’ve heard me mention Sight Words many times, and are likely wondering what they are and why they are important. This video gives a great overview.

Sight Words are the most common words found in the English language. Children need to learn these most common words immediately and by sight. Sight Words have little meaning in isolation and are learned best when taught in context, then can be practiced in isolation.

A leveled Dolch Sight Word list link is attached. You can begin teaching these words during your read aloud time. I will share Sight Word games, activities, and ways to organize your child’s Sight Words in future episodes.

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Dolch Sight Word Lists: https://goo.gl/ugVDBp

“Dear Zoo” book: https://goo.gl/bYjtcF


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