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Quick Tip on Environmental Print | Episode 040

In Reading Boots Episode 040, you will learn that your daily read aloud time doesn’t have to be limited to reading a book to your child at home. You will learn that there are many other nontraditional ways to read aloud to your child. One fun place to read aloud is in the car. Read your child street signs, road signs, license plates, and billboards. This is environmental print, the print that is found in our environment. When you point out and read these signs to your child, you are showing them that the print has meaning and is all around us.

Engage your child in a fun game of I Spy. You can say, “I spy the letter S on a sign out the car window.” Your child will have fun looking out the window at words on buildings and signs to find the letter S! Have fun playing I Spy with any environmental print your child can see from the car!

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